Tax Services

Tax Strategies & Compliance

Our team provides a comprehensive evaluation of a client’s tax position in terms of past, present, and future needs. This includes organizational tax needs and managing their income tax planning and filings. Our support includes estate planning, trusts, and gifting strategies for business owners and their families.

Managing the Tax Lifecycle

Tax needs change as you travel through your lifecycle. In the early stages, businesses may be more concerned with compliance while they are developing their profitability. Advanced companies require compliance support, but often have complex situations where tax credits, incentives, and deferrals may be more critical. In your personal life, the same lifecycle applies. Our professionals will walk you through changes that come from regulatory or other life challenges.

Business Tax Services

  • Tax Strategy & Reporting
  • Tax Projections & Return Preparation
  • State & Local Tax
  • International Tax Support
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Payroll & Sales Tax Filings
  • Tax Controversy & Dispute Resolution
  • Property Tax Issues
  • Outsourced Tax Solutions

Personal Tax Services

  • Proactive Tax Planning & Return Preparation
  • Stock Options
  • College & Retirement Planning
  • Estate Plans & Trusts
  • Family Gifting & Philanthropic Strategies

Comprehensive Tax Support

Preparing and filing tax returns should not be the only role your accountant provides. They should be creating a tax strategy for long-term financial success. We can look at the last few years of your tax returns to see if tax credits or incentives were missed and talk about your long-term goals. We welcome the opportunity to begin a conversation. Richard Dyo can be reached at (713) 350-2404 or

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