Gayle Havel

Gayle L. Havel, CPA

Gayle L. Havel, CPA


Gayle L. Havel, CPA, is a seasoned partner at abip, boasting over 35 years of invaluable experience. Her wealth of knowledge spans a diverse array of industries, making her a trusted advisor known for her strategic insights. Gayle excels in assisting clients not only in managing their finances but also in planning and executing long-term financial strategies. Her guidance is highly sought after for critical decision-making processes, leveraging her expertise in financial analysis and forecasting to provide invaluable support to clients.

Professional Background

During her tenure at Brehm Havel, Gayle’s responsibilities and expertise experienced significant growth. Her role evolved from preparing income tax returns to encompassing a broader range of services, including estate and trust tax preparation and planning. One of the milestones of Gayle’s career at Brehm Havel was her promotion to partner after just 5 years. This achievement underscored her exceptional skill set, deep industry knowledge, and the high level of trust and respect she had garnered from colleagues and clients alike.

Gayle continued as a partner at Brehm Havel until the firm merged with abip in 2024. With the merger, she seamlessly transitioned her title and responsibilities to abip, carrying forward her reputation as a trusted advisor and expert in tax and estate planning.

Education and Associations

Gayle holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Texas A&M University. She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants (TSPCA).

Personal Life

Outside of her professional duties, Gayle enjoys live music, exercising, and trips to the beach.