Forensic, Litigation, & Valuation

Ready to Start Investing In Your Future?

Having the right advisor when an incident or need arises is critical. Whether the need is proactive to aid in planning or reactive in response to an incident, we have the experience and knowledge to manage your needs. We understand the sensitive nature of these situations and the importance of accurate, well-constructed information.

Fraud & Forensics

The discovery of fraudulent activity in your business can come as a shock — especially if you are issued a lawsuit as a result. Let our team help you confidently navigate fraud and the resulting litigation. Our experienced CPAs, technology professionals, and certified fraud examiners can quickly help you identify financial irregularities and tailor an action plan to suit your situation.

Litigation Support

Using expert witness testimony is the key to building a stronger case and reducing valuable time and litigation costs. Whether you need a consultant or expert witness, our litigation support team offers a financial forensics perspective and knowledgeable insight from years of experience with a range of business and domestic issues.

Valuation & Assessments

Knowing the value of your business is essential to your peace of mind. A prime objective for every business is to improve its value to the owner. A properly prepared business valuation provides an insight into company strengths and weaknesses that affect value, allowing management to more effectively focus its energy on areas that count.