Alphonso Anderson

Alphonso Anderson, Esq., LL.M Tax

Alphonso Anderson, Esq., LL.M Tax


Alphonso Anderson, Esq., LL.M Tax, is a director at abip. He specializes in strategic tax advisory services. These specialty services include serving all industries in the identification, qualification, and quantification of tax credits and incentives. His main focus is on R&D Tax Credit, Cost Segregation, and 179D. Throughout his career, Alphonso has demonstrated a strong commitment to providing exceptional legal counsel and support to individuals and businesses dealing with tax-related challenges.

Professional Background

Alphonso’s career before joining abip was marked by significant achievements and leadership roles in the field of tax law. He served as the Lead Attorney at a prominent tax group, where his primary responsibility was to guide clients through the complex landscape of tax regulations to identify potential tax savings opportunities. This role required a deep understanding of tax laws and regulations, as well as the ability to analyze clients’ financial situations to minimize their tax liabilities effectively.

In addition to his role as Lead Attorney, Alphonso also had substantial experience managing a tax controversy division. This division was dedicated to defending taxpayers who were undergoing examinations by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or facing administrative appeals. His leadership in this division involved overseeing a team of attorneys and support staff, ensuring they were well-prepared to represent their clients’ interests effectively.

Education and Associations

Alphonso holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from McNeese State University, a JD from Texas Southern University, and an LL.M Tax from the University of Houston. He is associated with the State Bar of Texas, the Federal District Court – Southern & Eastern District, and the Tax Court.