Using Specialty Tax Incentives to Create Cash

Aug 28, 2020 | COVID-19, News, Past, Webinars

Using Specialty Tax Incentives to Create Cash

Is there cash already waiting for you to take advantage of?
In this session, Lindsay Duke, a Senior Manager with deep expertise in specialty taxes, will walk you through how to look at tax incentives and credits to determine if they can be used to create an infusion of cash into your organization.

Lindsay will:

  • Discuss success stories of several different organizations in diverse industries and size
  • Profile the different tax options that may be available
  • Conduct a brief overview of some of the qualifying events to test if these credits apply
  • Explain the process of how we scope the potential of evaluating possible benefits

Participants will walk away:

  • Aware of options to consider
  • Understanding how these benefits can convert into real cash for their business
  • Understanding that some of these benefits are recurring year after year