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The key to retirement security is picking the right plan for your business

Sep 4, 2019 | News

If you’re a small business owner, you may want to set up a retirement plan for yourself and any employees. Several types of plans are eligible for tax advantages, including 401(k)s, Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plans and SIMPLE IRAs. For 2019, the maximum amount you can contribute to a 401(k) and exclude from income is $19,000, plus a $6,000 “catch-up” amount for those age 50 or older. For a SEP plan, the 2019 maximum amount is 25% of compensation or $56,000. And for a SIMPLE IRA, the maximum 2019 amount is $13,000, plus $3,000 if you’re age 50 or older. These are only some of the options that may be available to your business. We can help find the best choice for your situation.