Join ABIP, P.C. and pay it forward!

Aug 20, 2014 | About ABIP

ABIP would like to thank the ladies who participated in the Houston West Chamber of Commerce’s “Women Driving Business”. We believe it is very important to continue to support the chamber and continue to promote and support the women owned and operated businesses of the West Houston area. Each of the women in attendance at the event was given a small velvet pouch containing 11 tokens with special offers and promotions on them to assist in “paying it forward” amongst the businesses who participated and allowing them to expand their footprint to new clients as well. Each person can use the token or share with someone new to promote the business offer on the tokens. We are very excited about the responses to this amazing “pay it forward” event and to commemorate the event we would like to share this poem by Kathy J. Parenteau.

pay-it-forward-tokenPay It Forward If You Can

A true gift comes from the heart without any expectations, wishing nothing in return, no thanks or admiration.
It doesn’t have to be monetary for a
gentle warm embrace,
could offer hope to the weary,
and place a smile on someone’s face.
The things we remember most in life
are gestures along the way,
that others have made to help us through life’s challenges each day.
Remember the shoulders you’ve leaned
upon and pay it forward if you can,
this world could be a better place,
I believe that giving was
God’s greatest plan.

ABIP is proud to be an integral part of this opportunity, as well as all that follow:

Drummond Public Relations / Arrow Child and Family Foundation / Storyteller Promotions / Iberia Bank / Sarah’s Florist / Momentum BMW West / Zalla Massage / Butler Business Products / Praetorian Protective Services / HWCOC