How to Prepare for a Profitable Transition or Exit

Feb 24, 2022 | News, Newsletter, Past, Webinars

Objective. This event will help executives understand the transition process. What drivers increase or decrease value? Does private equity play a role? What is a common timeline? What steps are needed before taking your company to an investment banker or broker?

Takeaway. Participants will walk away with a realistic expectation of a transition process. When to start the process and what steps they should consider taking to increase the potential of an optimal outcome.

Format. A panel-driven session led by experts that are specialists in tax, financial reporting, valuation, M&A, and industry benchmarking data. They understand the financial, cultural, and emotional components involved in the exit and transition process. The panelists include:

– Anthony DeBenedictis. Principal and CPA with abip.
– Richard Dyo. Partner and CPA with abip.
– Michael Landers. Partner and CPA with abip.
– Glenn Dunlap. Owner of Peerview Data a benchmarking organization.
– Bob Lewis. President of The Visionary Group who will facilitate the panel.

About abip CPAs & Advisors
abip is a Texas-based, 100 plus person firm that helps clients build the value of their business. The abip team has extensive experience helping owners create realistic plans and leading the implementation of their exit or succession efforts.