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4 Ways a CPA Can Save You $1,000’s in Real Estate Investing

Jun 6, 2014 | Real Estate

real estate investment accountingThe top CPA Firms in Houston have one goal in mind when it comes to working with you on your tax accounting and reporting- helping save your money. CPAs can help you and your business in many ways, but this is especially true when real estate investing comes into play. Four ways you could potentially save thousands by using the assistance of a CPA are as follows:

Boost your negotiation power

When you have a skilled expert on your side, it is easier to go into signings and discussions and have a more successful go of it. You can get a better price and better terms and conditions when you have an expert in your corner. A CPA can help save you money by ensuring you do not overlook important points, and they can also help you avoid any traps or common pitfalls in the real estate investing industry.

Save Money

Tax accountants can also save you money by helping you with filing your taxes and taking advantage of the discounts, incentives, and tax breaks that are offered by state and federal governments. They can help you find the tax breaks that you qualify for and can walk you through the process of getting counted for each and every discount you can get. Having a CPA on your side can go a long way in helping you get back every cent you can.

Investing Strategies

real estate investingA CPA who is well versed in the real estate market and knows the ins and outs of investing in the housing market can be a great asset. They can help you find properties that can offer the best return and they can help you juggle the sometimes overwhelming load of legalities, red tape, and paperwork that is involved with the buying and selling of real estate. If you are buying and selling property on a regular basis, you absolutely need to have a skilled and experienced CPA on your side to make sure you are doing everything right and that you are following through on all of your tax obligations.


It is important to stay organized and efficient when it comes to your taxes and accounting records. Having the help of one of the top CPA firms in Houston can make it easier to stay organized and on top of things. Knowing your records have to be given to someone else gives you a sense of responsibility and urgency. Your CPA, if they are good, will also help give you pointers and will set guidelines for you to follow that will keep your tax records and accounting files organized, easily accessible, and in order.

CPAs serve numerous vital roles in helping you avoid the hurdles of real estate investment including: empowering your negotiation, discovering tax exemptions and breaks, streamlining the property buying process, and helping you stay organized and focused.

No matter how you look at it, getting a tax accountant on your side is a smart move and will be money well invested in the long run!

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