ABIP provides the outlet to let you look at your business with a fresh set of eyes. Our experience with a broad variety of businesses and industries gives us a valuable perspective. We share the best practices and ideas we have learned over the years to help you look ahead and implement your plans to ensure a successful future.

Comprehensive Thinking

We look at all aspects with the end goal of helping achieve your objectives. That might be increasing profits, working less, aggressive growth, buying or selling a business, developing a succession plan, creating corporate goals or setting compensation plans. Sometimes to get to the right answer you need to not just look at the financial pieces, but also the emotional impact.

Advisory Support

  • Growth strategies
  • Goal setting & progress monitoring
  • Valuation & litigation support consulting
  • Mergers & acquisitions diligence
  • Cash flow, billings & collections refinement
  • Fraud & forensics investigations
  • Business recovery

Transition Planning

  • Merger or acquisition strategies
  • Family succession or exit planning

Objective Insight

One of the challenges in any business is getting objective feedback because your management team may be personally impacted by potential changes. For example, if benefit costs are rising, will you receive a positive reaction to reducing benefits and/or increasing the employee cost of those benefits? That’s doubtful. What if the issues were larger? Layoffs may be needed. Relocating the business to a different state may be a consideration. Or, what if you needed to prepare the business to get it ready to sell? What if your management team is part of the problem? You can freely talk with and plan with us.

When was the last out of the box idea your CPA had?

If you cannot remember anything special it means you probably are not getting fresh ideas or your accountant is not able to deliver more than basic support.