Client Accounting Services (CAS)

Our Client Accounting Services (CAS) offers a solution to client problems; closing the books, inaccurate records, employee turnover. We can outsource some or all of your accounting functions and provide a scalable solution and team of professionals at different skill levels. Under your leadership we can:

  • Manage your in-house accountants
  • Become 100% responsible for all accounting functions
  • Take over segment(s) of the accounting group

The Benefits for Our Clients

You did not get in business to run an accounting department. ABIP eliminates the need for hiring, firing, training and managing accounting staff. The key benefit is you get timely, accurate information and access to our entire team of CPAs and accountants that are able to handle almost any situation that can arise. If you have an audit done you do not need to change auditors. We work with your auditors so they can have a clean and accurate set of books to conduct their audit

Our Client Accounting Service Functions

  • Managing Internal Accounting Staff
  • Outsourcing All or Select Accounting Functions
  • CFO|Controller Leadership
  • Accounting System Design Services
  • Audit Preparation Assistance
  • QuickBooks Support
  • Permanent or Interim Support

Fractional CFO|Controllership

If you do not have an in-house CFO or Controller ABIP can provide that role on a permanent or interim basis. A part-time financial leader may be a good option for growing entities, those down-sizing or when your current CFO or Controller is going to be leaving or retiring.

Start with an Assessment

Let us conduct a no-cost assessment to determine your needs so we can understand how we can help.

Did you get in business to do accounting?

We did. You got in business to spend your time doing something else. Talk to us about how to eliminate the hassle of hiring, firing, training and managing an accounting function.