Could you be getting more out of your organization? Is your tax strategy providing optimal benefits? Can you increase profits or reduce risk? ABIP has risk free offers to help assess your results. It is hard to measure the value an accounting firm can deliver, but we make it easier for you.

How They Work

These are no-cost offers that take up a few hours of your time. This involves brief interviews. Some may require us to look at financial reports, tax returns or other documents. The end result is you get fresh insight into potential opportunities to use specific to your organization.

Goal Setting

We examine or establish your High Performance Activities. These are the 3 to 5 goals that, if accomplished, provide the most benefit and identify the obstacles that may prevent you from achieving these goals.

Exit Considerations Assessment

It is hard to leave a company that is such a big part of your life. This offer helps you understand when to begin the process, what steps are needed to sell or transfer your business for the best price or minimal tax gain, and how to manage the process.

Cash Flow Operations

We examine the billing process, open accounts receivable and the collection and sales policies to help reduce write-offs and accelerate payments. Signs of possible reasons to consider this assessment include; a high number of day’s sales outstanding, more than desired write-offs and the use of lines of credit and lack of, or outdated, sales and collection policies.

Fraud & Internal Controls

The average loss in every company is 5% of their revenue according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. This includes loss from fraud or theft and loss from lack of policies or policy enforcement. We will share some facts and provide some basic items to look for inside your organization.

Need Help in Other Areas?

Give us a call. Let’s talk about your opportunity or challenge you are facing.

How can you get more out of your CPA?

You deserve more than a once a year encounter. Getting more starts with your CPA putting a plan in place and talking with you throughout the year to ensure progress is being made.